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Pola Rise is actively participating in Kola wind farm project

Within the frameworks of 2017 Russian Government tender for the wind farm project construction of 1.9 GW – PJSC Enel Russia was awarded 201 MW Kola wind farm project. It is the largest wind farm in Russia beyond the Arctic Circle which is going to generate around 750 GWh per year, avoiding the emission of around 600 000 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere. The wind facility will consist of 57 turbines on the area of ​​257 hectares. Kola wind farm is expected to be launched in May 2022.

Each wind turbine consists of a tower weighing about 200 tons and a height of 84 meters, on which a 68-ton nacelle is mounted with a transmission system and a hub installed in it. At the final stage three blades of 65 meters each are installed, that is comparable to the height of a 20-storey building.

According to the wind turbines delivery plan 15 voyages are scheduled (including deck cargo). The first loading took place on March 29, 2021, and for almost 8 months the RSD 59 vessels of Pola Rise LLC have been operating from the ports of Taganrog and St. Petersburg both along the inland waterways of the Russian Federation through St. Petersburg and through the Strait of Gibraltar around Europe to the port of discharge beyond the Arctic Circle. The transportation of oversized cargo for the Kole wind farm along the inland waterways and further crossing of  the sea area beyond the Arctic Circle has become a great experience for the vessels. This route can significantly reduce the time of delivery – through the inland waterways the duration of the voyage is only 18-20 days.

The volume of one batch is 15 sections of wind turbine towers with a total weight of 979 tons. The vessels involved in the project are POLA FILOFEIA, POLA SOFIA, POLA FIVA, POLA ANATOLIA, POLA HARITA, POLA PELAGIA, ALEKSANDR SOKOLOV, POLA ANASTASIA, POLA AGATA, POLA MIROPIA


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