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Two 6,896-tonne DCB24 project small-size single-hold heavy lift barges has been delivered to their destination

In mid-May 2021 two DCB24 shallow single-hold barges Pola 1 and Pola 2 for heavy lift transportation of 6896 dwt each (building numbers 1905, 1906) were taken onboard the heavy lift carrier Innovation Way.
The valuable cargo is expected to reach its destination on 08 July 2021.

Two dry cargo barges of the DCB24 project are built at Nantong Chang Qing Sha Shipyard (China).

The DCB24 project is a seaworthy non-self-propelled bilge vessel with a single cargo hold, with transom bow and stern ends.

Main dimensions of the DCB24 project dry cargo barge:

– Maximum length: 123.80 m
– Hull length: 123.60 m
– Overall width: 24.20 m
– Width: 24.00 m
– Board height: 5.00 m
– Draft: 2.90 m

DCB24 project dry cargo barge at a glance: 

– A 72 m long, 12.0 m wide, 5,227 cubic meter capacity “box” cargo hold, closed with sliding hatch closures.
– The intensity of the distributed load on the second bottom is 10.0 tons per square meter. The height of the double bottom in the area of the cargo hold is 1000 mm. The width of the double sides is 6000 mm.
– Deadweight at 2.90 m draft (in river) – 6688 tons. Deadweight at 2.90 m draft (at sea) – 6896 tons.
– The vessel has 7 main watertight bulkheads dividing the hull into 8 impermeable compartments. The deck, bottom and second bottom in the cargo area are of the longitudinal set system, the outboard, second side and extremities are of the transverse set system. The transverse spacing is 600 mm. The longitudinal set spacing is 430-500 mm.
– A windlass is installed in the bow for anchor and mooring operations.
– There is a 50 kW diesel generator (for opening – closing the hatch covers and the windlass).
– The DCB24 project vessel is equipped with two bow anchors of 1195 kg each.

Keel of the DCB24 lead vessel Pola 1 (building No. 1905) was laid down on 28.09.2020. She was launched on 30.01.2021 and accepted for operation on 12.04.2021.

Keel of the second vessel “Pola 2” (building No. 1906) was laid down on 28.09.2020. She was launched on 30.01.2021 and accepted for operation on 16.04.2021.

This project was successfully launched due to a great cooperation of industry top-level professionals that were duly supported by the comany management with a complete vision in logistics, shipping and shipbuilding business.


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