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RSD59 project

The RSD59 vessel is a self-propelled dry cargo single-deck vessel with two cargo holds and two full-turning SRP of sea and mixed “river/sea” navigation of the “Volga-Don max” class.

The vessels are intended for transportation of general and bulk cargoes, packaged lumber, round timber, scrap metal, bunched and rolled steel, large-dimension and heavyweight cargoes, coal, hazardous and category “B” cargoes.

Operation zone: sea areas corresponding to the restricted swimming areas R2 with  3% probability of wave height of 7 m, with a distance from shelter of no more than 100 miles and with an acceptable distance between shelters of no more than 200 miles, inland waterways of Russia subject to restrictions, including the Volga-Baltic Route and the Volga-Don Shipping Canal

The vessels provide the possibility for transporting refrigerated containers, placing containers and wood on the holds roof.



A special hold of 77.35 meters length for transporting large-dimension and heavyweight products and metal structures (tower elements, petrochemical devices, etc.) is a special feature of the vessels.

Dry cargo ships of the RSD59 project have full lines which is the main feature of such vessels. Another important difference from the RSD49 vessels is in the system of hatch covers – the new generation of bulk carriers have a special gauntry in the foreline.

19 vessels

of RSD59 project in the fleet

11 200 м3

volume of cargo holds

4,5 metres

design draft at sea

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